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6 weeks

Description of the MOOC

This MOOC is based on the NICCoLLa Strategic Partnership Project, coordinated by Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda (The Netherlands), Universitat Politècnica de València (Campus of Alcoi), LAB University of Applied Sciences (Finland), and Instituto Pedro Nunes (Coimbra, Portugal).

What will you learn?

In the context of this MOOC you will be introduced into:

  • The main technological advances with high impact in the social and healthcare sectors.
  • The importance of co-creation, service design, and a full multidisciplinary approach in order to fully accomplish real benefits in using new technological solutions in social and healthcare sectors.

An introduction to the complete 6 courses available at, covering the most important concepts, based on videos and additional materials, in the following areas:

  • Working with T&I for H&W as expert and professional
  • Working with clients/patients using T&I
  • Legal, ethical and moral dilemmas of working with T&I in the H&W sector
  • Transdisciplinary co-creation of T&I solutions
  • The ‘future-proof’ professional in the H&W sector
  • Service design for the H&W sector and its target groups 


Just to be involved in social, healthcare or technological sectors, with an interest in learning the advantages of the new technological solution in wellbeing and how professionals of these sectors, ICT included, can create the new solutions of the future.


  1. Unit 1: Introduction to the MOOC
  2. Unit 2: Technological basic concepts for social and healthcare sectors
  3. Unit 3: Course 1 - Working with T&I for H&W as expert and professional
  4. Unit 4: Course 2 - Working with clients/patients using T&I
  5. Unit 5: Course 3 - Legal, ethical and moral dilemmas of working with T&I in the H&W sector
  6. Unit 6: Course 4 - Transdisciplinary co-creation of T&I solutions
  7. Unit 7: Course 5 - The ‘future-proof’ professional in the H&W sector
  8. Unit 8: Course 6 - Service design for the H&W sector and its target groups
  9. Unit 9: Final NICCoLLa symposium

Course staff

Jordi Linares-Pellicer

BSc. MSc. in Computer Science, MSc. in Free Software, MSc. in Artificial Intelligence, and PhD. in Computer Science. Leader of the research group VertexLit ( focused on Human-Centered AI, and Human-Computer Interaction (VR/AR/XR), that belongs to the Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence VRAIN ( Associate Professor in Universitat Politècnica de València ( Campus of Alcoi, where his main research and teaching activity is focused on interactive technologies, VR/AR and Artificial Intelligence. He has more than 30 contributions to international conferences, 10 contributions to high ranked international journals, and 30 R+D contracts with public and private institutions.

Joan Albert Silvestre-Cerdà

Joan Albert Silvestre-Cerdà is a PhD assistant professor of Computer Science at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) - campus d'Alcoi, and member of the Machine Learning and Language Processing (MLLP) research group, integrated into the Valencian Research Institute on Artificial Intelligence (VRAIN). He has more than 10 years of research experience on machine learning and natural language processing applications, mainly in automatic speech recognition, with a special focus on the development of technologies and solutions that can be deployed into real-life production environments. During this time period, he has co-authored more than 20 articles published in international journals and conferences and has participated in more than 10 publicly funded EU/Spanish research projects.

Jaime Masiá Vañó

Industrial Engineer (Machine Mechanics) from the University of Murcia (1994) and Dr. Industrial Engineer from the UPV (2004). He is currently a University Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Area at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Teaching experience since 1996 in many cases as head of subjects, in the degrees of Technical Industrial Engineering and Degree Engineering (Mechanics, Electricity, Design, Computer Science), Industrial Organisation Engineering, Materials Engineering, etc., related to the subject of Mechanisms and Machines, Robotics, Pneumatics and hydraulics, ..... In general, teaching in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He has taught in several courses and directed more than 50 Final Degree Projects, Final Degree Projects and Master's Degree Projects. He has participated in 12 teaching publications.

Manuel Llorca Alcón

Master in Computer Science, Associate Professor, 25 years of experience in teaching and implementing numerous subjects related to the architecture of computers and communications networks (more than 10 new subjects). Over 110 student tutorials. Over 130 supervised the final-year projects. 14 research projects, in 2 principal researcher, 6 participations in scientific and technical committees of congresses.

Javier Esparza-Peidro

Javier obtained a degree in Computer Engineering in 2001. He founded a techology-based startup focused on delivering sophisticated services through web platforms and mobile devices. He became University Lecturer at Universitat Politècnica de València in 2004, where he has been teaching subjects related with programming, software engineering, web technologies, cloud computing and big data. He is member of the Distributed Systems research group at Universitat Politècnica de València and he has extensive experience in distributed systems, replication, fault tolerant and highly available systems.

Jay MacDougall

Jay MacDougall is a teacher of Ethics and English at Avans University of Applied Sciences. He completed his bachelors in philosophy and history at York University in Toronto Ontario. Following that he has completed a Masters in applied ethics from Linköping University in Sweden, and a research masters in philosophy from Utrecht University. Originally From Canada he has been living in The Netherlands since 2012 and has worked at Avans since 2016. He specializes in ethics surrounding Engineering and technology.

Angèle Geerts

Angèle Geerts is a lecturer and international coordinator at Avans, department of Welfare, Education and Health in the Netherlands. She is also the coordinator of the program Criminal Justice and Social Work and researcher at the Center of Expertise for Public Safety and Criminal Justice and in the prison of Dordrecht. Her experiences covers different functions as social worker in the forensic care. As also in several European projects.

Menno Stofkooper

My name is Menno Stofkooper and I am a lecturer at Avans UAS in Breda the Netherlands. I’m a physical therapist and also have a masters degree in both sports and psychosomatic physical therapy. Working with technology and healthcare is a topic of my interest and therefor the NiCCoLLa project fits my future development ideas.

Marleen Mares

Marleen Mares, senior lecturer at the department of Physiotherapy and researcher at the Centre of Expertise Health, Care and Welfare of Avans University of Applied Sciences. I studied Physical Education and finished a master in Health Education and Promotion at Maastricht University. Given the challenges of an ageing population and shortage of healthcare and welfare professionals in the future, technological solutions are a key answer to meet these challenges. The NICCoLLa project contributes to generating future proof professionals who will be able to deal with the current challenges. This in turn will benefit clients/patients across Europe.

Rick van Hemert

Teacher at Avans Hogeschool in Breda. Lecture in the field of anatomy, physiology and pathology and research. He is also a graduation supervisor and involved in various international projects.

Annamaija Id-Korhonen

M.Sc. Health, works as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Health Care and Social Services at the LAB University of Applied Sciences. Her areas of expertise are health promotion, digital services of social and health, accessibility and services of elderly people.

Arja Sara-aho

M.Sc. in Nursing, RN works as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Health Care and Social Services at the LAB University of Applied Sciences. Her pedagogical interests include patient and client safety, perioperative nursing, acute care, first aid and disaster training. She has special training for conducting simulations

Hannele Tiittanen

(Lic.NSc., M.Sc.Ed.) works as a principal lecturer at the Faculty of Health Care and Social Services at the LAB University of Applied Sciences. Her key competence is the development of health care education. For the last six years, she has worked in particular for the education export tasks in Kazakhstan, where she has developed numerous functions within nursing education and healthcare organisations.


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