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CLIL Open Online Learning project MOOC: How to create lessons using Clilstore


Core: 4 Weeks (Modules 1-7, including Assessment and Certification)

Optional: 2 Weeks (Modules 8-10)

About this Course

This course serves as a general introduction to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) while also delivering training in how to create digital materials to support learners and plan lessons using CLIL methodology. Modules 1-6 are core learning modules which cover CLIL theory, lessson planning and technical training in how to use the Open Educational Resource - which caters directly to both learners and teachers. Module 7 is a summative assessment module which if successfully completed leads to the award of a Certificate. Modules 8-9 will allow course participants to learn about a series of EU funded projects that have helped to advance the dissemination and uptake of the CLIL methodology within Europe and beyond and also find out how they can participate in a growing community of practice centred around these projects and Finally, Module 10 provides access to case-studies and academic discussions on CLIL to enable participants to explore the theory and its application in more depth and deepen their knowledge of the field. This may help participants plan for the adoption of CLIL at a wider curricular or institutional level or design projects to research and assess the efficacy of CLIL.

This course was created by the CLIL Open Online Learning project (


Reading competence in English at level B1/B2 is recommended.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Ana Gimeno

Specialist in Computer-Assisted Language Learning and in Content and Language Integrated Learning. Professor in English, Department of Applied Linguistics. Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain.

Course Staff Image #2

Sandra Attard-Montalto

Specialist in Technology-Enhanced Learning and in Content and Language Integrated Learning. Director of Academic Development and Training, and Head of Teacher Training at the Executive Training Institute (ETI Malta), St Julians, Malta.

Course Staff Image #3

Caoimhín Ó Dónaill

Specialist in the creation of multimedia language learning materials and curricula for various educational sectors. Senior Lecturer, School of Arts and Humanities, Ulster University, Northern Ireland.

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    3 hours per week

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