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5G & Industry 4.0


1 week

Acerca de este curso

5G is an immesely disruptive technology that is progressively deeply transforming our world. The 5th Generation of Mobile Networks (5G) is enabling a new level of communication and collaboration between people and machines. In this sense, 5G will play a foundamental role in the next Industrial revolution, in the 21th century. The new Industry 4.0 paradigm will not be possible without the use of 5G.

Que aprenderé

Along the course you will learn:


This online course has no special prerequisites, although some general knowledge about current technologies is recommended.


  1. 5G Industry 4.0
  2. Final Exam

Profesores del curso

Dr. Regel González Usach

Regel is a Research & Development engineer at the Universitat Politècnica de València, at the Real-Time System Laboratory (Associated Researcher). She holds a PhD on Digital Enablers, with an special focus on IoT and interoperability, and she has participated in 5G-related European H2020 projects such as EVOLVED-5G and 5GENESIS. She has been involved in software developments that mixed 5G with Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies.


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