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Evolved-5G Network App Certification


1 week

About this course

5G Network Apps allow to create innovative applications and services in any sector that leverage information and functionality of the 5G Network Core, offered via the Network App APIs. However, prior adapting existing applications and services to become network-aware, or to create new innovative ones upon a Network App, it is essential to have strong guarantees that the Network App is suitable, secure, trustful and performs as expected regarding essential aspects.

Software certification is a novel concept that allows for the assessment and expenditure of certificates guaranteeing that a specific software accomplishes a series of key aspects and requirements that are crucial for its expected performance and suitability. This course is devoted to the Certification of Network Apps, a novel initiative of the EVOLVED-5G project to facilitate the secure adoption of this special type of applications, to ultimately foster the emerging and transformative Network Application ecosystem.

What you will learn:

  • The current state of the art of certification on Mobile Communications and the novelty that software certification represents in this scope.
  • Understanding the innovative concept of Network App certification and its critical importance for the emerging Network App ecosystem.
  • Which are the different aspects that EVOLVED-5G Network App certificates guarantee.
  • What is the Certification Environment and Network App Certification process implemented by EVOLVED-5G.
  • How to use the EVOLVED-5G Certification pipeline and understanding of the Certification Report on a Network App.
  • The benefits of using a certified Network App for developing innovative services or 5G-enabled applications.
  • For Network App programmers, the benefits of certifying a Network App you developed, to guarantee its key features and to facilitate its adoption and usage by third parties and consumers.


Although it is not strictly necessary to follow this course, it is recommended to have taken previously a course on Network Apps, or to be familiar with this concept. This course is targeted to programmers and technical students. However, any other audience interested in the topic addressed can also benefit from the learning experience that this course provides.


  1. Module 1:Network App Certification
  2. Final Exam


Fotini Setaki

Fotini Setaki works in management at Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications, one of the main European 5G Service providers. She is involved in numerous Research and Innovation European Projects related to Networks & Telecommunications, such as H2020 EVOLVED-5G.

Jorge Moratinos

Jorge Moratinos is a senior software developer in Network Innovation, working in OnLife for Research and Development in Telefonica. He has contributed to the development of the Network App Certification framework of the Horizon 2020 project EVOLVED-5G.

Dr. Regel González Usach

Regel is a Research & Development engineer at the Universitat Politècnica de València, in the Real-Time System Laboratory. She holds a PhD on Digital Enablers, with an special focus on IoT and interoperability, and she has participated in 5G-related European H2020 projects such as EVOLVED-5G and 5GENESIS. She has been involved in software developments that mixed 5G with Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies.


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