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Evolved-5G Network App Verification


1 weeks

About this course

5G is an immesely disruptive technology that is progressively deeply transforming our world, and we have merely grasp the benefits that 5G will directly or indirectly provide. This course guides you on how to verify the performance of your 5G Network Apps, to detect and correct errors before onboarding it in a 5G Network. Network Apps, which facilitate 5G Programmability and the exploitation of 5G to provide benefits in any area, require to be thoroughly tested. This course is complementary to the “EVOLVED-5G NetApp Development” course.

What I will learn

Along the course you will learn:

  • What is the software verification phase, its significance and how to perform it.
  • A set of aiding tools for performing verification testing.
  • How to verify the correct performance of your developed Network App.
  • How to make use of a set of tools offered by the EVOLVED-5G project for the verification of Network Apps.
  • Required steps and commands to execute tests in a CI/CD verification pipeline from the EVOLVED-5G framework.


It is recommended to have taken the EVOLVED-5G NetApp Development course prior joining this course. Some technology background is desirable.


  1. EVOLVED-5G Network App Verification
  2. Final Exam


Dr. Ricardo Marco

Dr. Ricardo Marco works at ATOS Research & Innovation department, and he has performed research on wireless mobile networks, software defined radio and network function virtualization. He has participated in European projects related to 5G networks and virtualization.

Dr. Regel González Usach

Dr. Regel González Usach is an associated researcher at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), at the Real-Time Systems & Applications Laboratory. She has participated in 5G-related European H2020 Innovation projects such as EVOLVED-5G and 5GENESIS


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